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Physical activity can provide many benefits before, during and after your cancer journey. Keeping your heart and lungs active will allow you to stay as physically active, strong and motivated as you can prior to treatment as well as helping as part of your rehabilitation.

Bearing that in mind Rays of Hope employs a highly qualified Well Being and Fitness Co-ordinator. Having designed classes for all fitness levels she leads both group activities as well as being available to conduct one-to-one sessions.

Recognising that some of our members are at the beginning of the rehabilitation process while others feel ready to increase their fitness capacity, our classes offer varying levels of intensity tailored to specific needs but all with a committed emphasis on catering to the overall health, fitness and general well-being of all our members. The classes include freestyle fitness; chair exercise; men only movement; Pilates; swimming; strength and balance circuit class; and functional fitness sessions......all designed to provide much-needed support during all stages of the cancer journey.

Our Activity Timetable


Walking Group – Gentle Beginners

Time: 11am (for 20 minutes)  •  Intensity Level: 1

Walking Group – Active Walking

Time: 11am (for 45-60 minutes)  •  Intensity Level: 2

Walking Group – Fitness Walking

Time: 11am (for 60+ minutes)  •  Intensity Level: 3

Active Exercise

Time: 1pm (for 60 minutes)  •  Intensity Level: 3


Gentle Chair Based Exercise

Time: 10am   •  Intensity Level: 1 or 2

Walking Group – Gentle Beginners

Time: 11am (for 20 minutes)  •  Intensity Level: 1

Walking Group – Active Walking

Time: 11am (for 45-60 minutes)  •  Intensity Level: 2

Walking Group – Fitness Walking

Time: 11am (for 60+ minutes)  •  Intensity Level: 3


Dance Fit

Time: 6pm (for 45 minutes)  •  Intensity Level: 3


Beginners Pilates & Stretch

Time: 11.30am (for 30 minutes)  •  Intensity Level: 1


Time: 12pm (for 45 minutes)  •  Intensity Level: 1 or 2

Strength & Balance

Time: 2pm (for 30 minutes)  •  Intensity Level: 2

Walking Group

Walking has a huge benefit to not only physical health but also mental well-being. Accessing local green space through our weekly walks can help increase feel-good endorphins, reduce stress, strengthen bones and joints, increase cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness, burn fat, boost immunity, regulate blood pressure, and help manage fatigue. The walks themselves are not challenging so time and distance pass surprisingly fast and, for animal lovers, dogs on leads are welcome.

We have three different levels of walking ability:

  • GENTLE BEGINNERS WALK, which is a 20 minute walk aimed at a low level of intensity, walking at a slow pace on a flat route.  This is ideal for those who may be going through treatment, recovering from surgery, or have limited mobility.
  • ACTIVE WALKING, aim to walk for up to one hour, moderate level, at a leisurely to brisk pace.  This group is aimed at our members who are keen to increase their daily step count, but also have time to chat, stop to have a look at the local surroundings, and have fun.
  • FITNESS WALKING, is aimed at a high level of walking fitness and is over an hour of varied intensity with some hills, faster paced walking, this is a great way to challenge your cardiovascular system.

Walking takes place every Monday and Wednesday leaving the Rainbow Centre at 11.00am.


Promoting healthy eating habits during and after cancer treatment using the NHS guidelines of the "Eat Well Plate" is something that is encouraged to our members at Rays of Hope.
Fuelling your body with the correct nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and having a varied diet of fruit, vegetables and lean meats can help aid recovery both internally and externally.

As part of our exercise class, we encourage hydration during and after the class to keep the body at an optimum level for exercise participation and to rehydrate after.

Many of our members will be familiar with the importance of hydration during their treatment and this is something we want to maintain to keep the internal organs functioning to their best ability, keep skin, hair and nails hydrated but also for mental focus as when our bodies are dehydrated our minds can become clouded.

Pilates & Stretch

This 30 minute class is perfect for our members who are new to Pilates, want to work on their mobility and strengthen their core. Most of this session will be standing however, there will be elements of floor work, therefore you need to be able to get down to, and up from, the floor safely.

Falls Workshop

According to WHO (World Health Organisation) 'falls are the second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths worldwide'.

Do you feel your balance has deteriorated as you get older? Have you had treatment or an injury that has had a negative effect on your balance? Or would you like to learn how to safely get down and up from the floor? If the answer is yes, then this workshop is for you.

This one-hour workshop covers all aspects of falls prevention, postural stability and backward training.

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